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(5 / 5)

3Day PMVA course

I am so glad enrolled in their PMVA course. The practical aspects were fun. The warm up was incredible, had not been to the gym in years but burned a lot of calories. You can always contact the tutor if need be, and he responds quickly.


(5 / 5)

SIA Door Supervisor course

The booking experience was great. Correspondence is top notch. They usually respond straight away. I enjoyed the SIA security course. They introduced me to one of their affiliated agencies and started working after a week. Had a better learning experience. Would recommend.


(5 / 5)

H&S Workforce

The course is intense, but full of fun. The tutor support is phenomenal. You will be individually assisted throughout the course. The instructors know what they’re about. I enjoyed the First Aid and People Movers course.


(5 / 5)

Registered Mental Nurse

If you want courses that fulfil your expectations, look no further. Don’t usually give reviews, never had to due to bad experiences in the past. For the first time, I enjoyed every bit of the course. Their 3Day PMVA course is phenomenal. It was intensive yet full of fun, often found myself practicing on my husband. Just to let you know they offer competitive rates, very affordable courses.


(5 / 5)

Support Worker

Their courses are designed to meet learners with different learning styles. As a naturally shy person, I was able to contribute to discussions as well as group presentations. The handouts are straight forward to grasp and slides are simple, intuitive and easy to follow. What more can I ask. Keep it up JT10I.


(5 / 5)


As a registered mental nurse, I needed CPD Accredited course for my CPD record as recommended by the NMC. The PMVA course I attended was a CPD course and I received an approved certificate. I did back lot of research, very glad found a training provider that met my requirements. Course was brilliant.


(5 / 5)

Four Seasons Healthcare

Jay, their lead instructor has the greatest sense of humour ever. The training was full of fun yet was equipped with the skills needed to pursue mental healthcare. This is surprising as I have always been on boring courses. Thumbs up to the instructor. Will definitely recommend them.


(5 / 5)

First Aid (BLS)

JT10I approach to teaching and education is different. I would say it’s person centred and intuitive. The support to learners is phenomenal. Will train again with them.


(5 / 5)

Independent learner

Came to the course knowing nothing about health care but left with adequate knowledge which prepared me for the job market. Power point presentation wasn’t boring. We all got involved in discussions. The instructor is extraordinary. Would recommend.


(5 / 5)

PMVA Course

This is by far one of the best courses I have attended in years. The instructor made us feel at home. We were able to learn new skills to use at our work place. Would recommend JT10I Training & Insight to everyone.