JT10i has a cluster of trainers and instructors with a combined 18years of industry experience. Our instructors have teaching qualifications as a standard as well as practitioners in their respective fields. This ensures that the learner not only receives adequate knowledge but practical guidance in throughout the course. Our instructors have the passion for imparting knowledge, so learning is better with JT10I. Our instructors have been thoroughly checked with the DBS, so that gives you peace of mind working with them.


Learner Centred Approach

We all have different approaches to learning. At JT10I we believe that if all learners are to benefit, the course should be suitable for learners with different backgrounds. This is what defines our training. At JT1OI, we’ve worked hard to redefine training standards. We’ve adapted individual and or person cantered approach. Our tutors can provide specified assistance throughout your learning experience. We’re able to quickly ascertain prior knowledge and determine student specific needs. Our instructors have good sense of humour, we thought you would like to know.

Redefining Training Standards

In a much larger and unregulated sector, the need to standardize training is essentially pertinent. As JT1OI is committed to deliver quality training to our learners, we have our courses checked by our internal quality assured officer. This mean that no matter where you train in the UK, our courses will meet the demands of legislation, regulation and accreditation. Our courses have been externally approved, validated and accredited by the CPD Accreditation Group and have been awarded CPD points accordingly. That’s why we are becoming the preferred organization dedicated for your training needs in the Health and Social care sector.

Network of Instructors

We won’t stop there! We are building our network of professional teachers, tutors and instructors across the UK. Why not join our team? If you have excellent communication skills, good interpersonal and organizational skills, desire to impart knowledge in your field of study and are interested in teaching learners of various backgrounds, then further education teaching awaits you. At JT10I Training & Insight, we can turn your passion into an enjoyable profession. Our doors are now open for new and enthusiastic instructors who hold relevant qualifications and accreditations.


We are proud to have the best team on board. Meet the team behind our success.

Shiannon K

Instructor: Mandatory, First Aid, BLS

Edward F

Instructor: IT, First Aid BLS, SIA Security, CSCS

Beatrice T

Instructor: Health & Social Care Mandatory, Care Certificate (NVQ)

Stephen P

Bsc, RMN
Instructor: Physical Skills Tutor

Dr Kweku O.A

Consultant: Strategic & Economic Planning
Instructor: Corporate Management

Amber T.S

Bsc, Msc
Instructor: Advanced First Aid, Mandatory, Health & Safety

Simon T

Bsc, Msc, QTLS
Instructor: SIA Security

Sylvia T

Instructor: CSTF Mandatory Training First Aid BLS, People Movers

Rachel A. G

Bsc, Msc, RN Ped
Paediatric First Aid, AET, CET

Kwadwo A

Instructor: Health & Safety, AET, CET, Functional Skills

Barnie N

Instructor: First Aid, Mandatory

George T

Instructor: Physical Skills PMVA, Mandatory, AET, CET